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Stand Too Close - Motion City Soundtrack

If I stand too close I might fall in, but if I’m too far gone I’ll never win. If you believe in me I might just want to spend some time with you again. I’m afraid I tend to disappear into an anxious state when you draw near, there is no reasoning it’s quite a silly thing, but it’s the way I’ve been for years. So I will understand if you don’t stay, they say I’m great at first but then the magic fades into an awful hue of dismal views and pessimistic attitude. All this distance, years of sweet resistance swirling over head like angry clouds of discontent. I have apologized a billion times when I’ve gone off the wall like Busta Rhymes and pulled a stupid stunt that left you thinking there was something wrong with me. You’ve thrown a few choice phrases at my way and I’ve ignored them all as best I could, except that tiny bit how I just can’t commit. There is some truth in what you say

I slip another smile in your pocket, my heart is racing to you like a rocket

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Well now I look at you and you’re still more than I can take, you’re like a slow song starting to accelerate and all my life I looked for you, for arms that I could fall into

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The Cowsills - The Rain, The Park & Other Things


Willa Ford - I Wanna Be Bad


The 25 Best Teen TV Dramas of All Time

15. South of Nowhere (The N)
Stars: Gabrielle Christian, Mandy Musgrave, Matt Cohen, Danso Gordon, Valerie Ortiz, Chris Hunter, Rob Moran, Maeve Quinlan, Austen Parros, Eileen April Boylan, Aasha Davis
This might be your first time hearing about South of Nowhere. By no means did it break any ratings records during its three-season run nor catapult any of its leads into Teen Bop stardom. However, it’s cemented history as something greater than all of that: it’s the first television show ever to star non-heterosexual teenagers.
SoN follows the life of the Ohio-bred Carlin family as they adjust to life in Los Angeles. At its forefront, however, is youngest daughter Spencer, who’s forced to confront the truth about her sexuality when she begins to fall for her bisexual new BFF Ashley Davies. Not only must she deal with her conservative parents in the process, but also the unrelenting pressure from her peers.

The show has become a go-to for LGBTQ youth and paved the way for shows like MTV’s Faking It and ABC Family’s The Fosters, which also give LGBTQ characters top billing. —Tara Aquino

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I don’t know what this is but I love it

this show is actually hilarious.

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"fucking idiot"

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my wedding playlist

  • walking down the aisle: avril lavigne - hot
  • during wedding vows: avril lavigne - keep holdin on (instrumental)
  • just married song: avril lavigne - sk8er boi (starts from the last chorus)
  • first dance: avril lavigne - i will be
  • parent dance: avril lavigne - what the hell
  • band plays all the other classic avril lavigne songs
  • last dance: avril lavigne - smile

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